Home Wiring

As you begin your home buying search, you’ll soon discover the different types of wiring. The type of wiring in residential homes generally depends on when the home was built, where it was built and if it has been updated. In the older homes, knob and tube type wiring was the norm, replaced later by plastic-sheathed wiring.

What Type of Wiring Is Most Common?

In most cases the newer plastic-sheathed wiring is copper, insulated with plastic and then wrapped with insulation and another layer of plastic for protection. Breaker boxes are a different story. Sometimes a well-meaning home owner can inadvertently make things unsafe.

The DC Area Home Buyer’s Next Step

It is always wise to consult a reputable home inspector and even an electrician before you buy. A little homework today can save you a lot of money down the road. Contact us if you would like some names of excellent home inspectors.