Attention Bethesda Sellers: Make Sure Your Home Has These Amenities

Bethesda Home SellingIf you’re currently trying to sell your Bethesda home on the local housing market, you likely have two main goals in mind: Selling your home for the price you want and selling it fairly quickly.

Lucky for you, those endeavors might be easier than you think if you have certain amenities within your home.

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4 Amenities That Are Hot Among Buyers Right Now!

According to surveys, there are four main amenities that really add a lot of desirability to a home for buyers.

If you have one of these, you can bet that your home is going to garner a lot of interest. And if you don’t, it’s a quick fix to get them added to your home.

First, does your home have a wine cellar? According to public interest surveys, wine cellars a hot commodity in today’s market. To create one in your house, simply use some of that space in your basement you rarely use. Add some wine racks and make sure to remember these two key features of wine cellars: They have limited light and minimal variation in temperature.

You should also make sure your home has ample storage space.You can never have too much storage space. Ever. So to add more to your house, simply make use of your high ceilings by adding extra shelving or cabinetry. Or consider constructing a shelving wall in the garage.

Don’t forget about walk-in closets! These have been en vogue for a while and it’s easy to say why. They just exude luxury and convenience. Don’t have one? Consider walling off a corner of your master suite for a walk-in effect.

Finally, how much outdoor living space does your home offer?Much like the rest of your house, buyers want to be able to envision actually living in your home. So help them do so by setting up a little vignette in the backyard with some chairs, a table and maybe even some outdoor plates and utensils. They’ll be ready to move into your home in no time!

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