5 Washington DC Real Estate Reality TV Myths

As it’s nearly winter in the DC Metro, and we’re all staying indoors much more, you might find yourself watching a few real estate reality TV shows to pass the time— we’ve all seen a few by now!

As these shows grow in popularity, it’s important to keep in mind that while they may be inspiring and entertaining, not everything you see on your screen is actually reality.

Much of what takes place is staged and filmed in a much shorter timeline and as your local real estate experts in Washington DC, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, and beyond, we’ve included a much needed reality check for you below!

Myth: Buyers only choose from 3 homes

In nearly every reality TV show based on homebuyers, there are typically three homes toured before the buyer makes a decision and chooses one. While there may be a small percentage of buyers that truly buy one of the first few homes they see in Metro DC, remember that the average homebuyers tours at least 10 homes during their search, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Myth: The show takes place in real time

It may seem unrealistic that the homebuyers can go through the entire buying process, from search to closing, within a 30-minute time slot and that’s because, it is. Real estate reality shows often follow buyers who are farther along in the process and have already chosen a home to buy, in an attempt to speed up the process for viewers.

Myth: These homes are still for sale

As mentioned above, real estate reality shows are often filmed months in advance of their air date. So if you’ve spotted a home that you love on your favorite show, keep in mind that unfortunately many of the homes shown are already sold and off the market. The properties are staged for TV for the “home search” phase.

Myth: Your home will sell at the open house

Many times homeowners on TV will hold an open house and then choose from the dozens of offers that result from the traffic. Please remember that just as many homes sell from regular showings and if you hold one, your property may not hook a buyer from the first open house.

This is just a small piece of the puzzle when marketing homes in DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Myth: Removing a wall is easy

Every homeowner today wants an open concept floor plan and thus, real estate reality shows typically show demo teams knocking down walls to make it happen. In reality, removing walls may not always been in your budget or even possible for your specific home.

If the wall is load-bearing, there is much more structural work that comes into play and that can be more costly than you think!

Don’t get too caught up in real estate reality TV myths if you’re a new homebuyer in the DC area! It’s always wise to consult the pros first!

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