Spring Refresh— Planning a Smart Home Renovation in Maryland and Metro DC

As you can tell by lower inventory levels, many Metro DC homeowners are staying put this year and instead of moving, are now planning more home projects.

The average for home renovation projects is estimated at $4,100 and include popular areas of the home like the kitchen and bathroom, improving landscaping, installing new flooring, adding or redoing a deck or patio and even painting.

But there are many moving parts and remodeling your home in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia can quickly become overwhelming! Here are five tips to keep in mind for a smart and successful home renovation:

Plan Ahead

Having everything set in advance, like tile choices or flooring, can prevent delays later— it can also help you stay on budget! The last thing you want are surprises when it comes to costs.

Factor in Maintenance

When figuring costs associated with your renovation, remember the big picture. Will there be long-term maintenance costs associated with your new deck or addition? How about energy loss? Do you have large repair expenses? Factoring all of these in will help you in comparing prices.

Research the Team

You’ll likely have many choices in choosing a remodeling team. Hire those with more than three years of experience, a good standing with the local business association and positive customer references. You can also visit their job sites around town— a great remodeler will maintain a clean and organized job site.

Review the Contract

Be a smart DC Metro homeowner when signing the contract with your remodeler! Request a detailed contract with the start date, completion date and outline (in detail) of what exactly will and will not be done. Always read carefully!

Protect Your Valuables

Home renovation can affect every room in your Bethesda, Chevy Chase, DC, or Northern Virginia home. Pack up your valuables to avoid them getting damaged— including chandeliers, picture frames, vases and other fixtures. If you are worried about scuffing or damaging your flooring, cover it with cardboard sheets.

Not ready to take on the major task of renovating your Metro DC home this year? The Estridge Group is happy to help you find a property that allows you to move in and relax!

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