What Not to Do When Selling Your DC or Maryland Home During the Holidays

Tis the season to sell your Washington DC area home! In past blog posts, we have shared Staging Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays and while it can indeed be a great move to list this time of year, you’ll want to make sure you are following what NOT to do during the holidays as well.

Below are five things not to do during the holidays if you plan to sell your DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia home:

Do Not: Put up damaging decorations

It’s exciting to deck the halls and turn your home into a magical winter wonderland, but if you can, avoid doing so with damaging decorations. Anything that can leave marks or holes on your walls, scuff the floors, rip the carpet, even leave scratches on the ceiling should be avoided. These are easy to spot as a homebuyer and they will take note when the arrive to view your home.

Do Not: Go into holiday debt

As you’re buying gifts this holiday season, pay close attention to your budget and your wallet. When the time comes to move into a new home and take on a new mortgage, lenders will not want to see a mountain of debt that you acquired during the holidays. Keep your future mortgage approval in mind as you shop and avoid racking up those credit card bills.

Do Not: Display large gifts

If you plan to give (or receive!) any large gifts this holiday season, it’s best to keep them in storage until after your home sells— or at least when buyers may be present. These large gifts can take up valuable space in your home that make the property feel smaller and more cluttered. Keep clear paths and try to create the illusion of an open, airy space if possible.

Do Not: Buy a new pet

Everyone wants a new pet for the holidays, but when you take into account playful paws that can do damage to your home, as well as potty-training, it may be best to wait until you arrive in your new home. As a Metro DC home seller, you could just be creating more work for yourself in having to cover up stains, odors, and clean up hair to impress buyers.

Do Not: Buy for your current home

Home-related gifts are great options for the holidays, but be sure not to buy for your current home. Big ticket items like furniture or appliances should be purchased with your new home in mind, or you could wind up with something you may have to sell or replace when the time comes to move.

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