Cleaning Up After Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene: The Aftermath

Hurricane Irene slammed the East Coast this past weekend, staring with a direct hit in North Carolina on Saturday, August 27th and traveling up the Eastern Seaboard as far as Maine. Here in Maryland, only about 180 roads were closed throughout the state due to flooding and downed trees, unlike Vermont which still has about 260 roads closed and North Carolina which had many roads in the eastern part of the state become completely impassable.

Irene’s Damage Throughout the East Coast

While we have been experiencing many power outages, with over 220,000 people in Maryland losing power during the storm, Chevy Chase as a whole was able to avoid most of Hurricane Irene’s wrath. Other states have been less fortunate: Connecticut alone had over 670,000 power outages and in New Jersey, over 800,000 people were without power. Many people in our area lost trees, branches, shingles, and experienced minor flooding, but overall only a few serious damages have been reported.

How Chevy Chase Cleans Up

You can bring your fallen branches and other natural debris that blew off during Hurricane Irene to your curb on Friday, September 2nd for removal. The tree maintenance contractor will be collecting these debris throughout the Town of Chevy Chase on that day. Debris must be placed on the curb by 7:00AM on September 2nd. Please note that only yard debris that cannot be disposed of via regular trash collection should be placed curbside. All other trash and debris should be held for regular collection, taking place on Tuesday, September 6th. If more information is needed, please call 301-654-7144.