How to Determine Resale Value in DC, Maryland, and NoVA

Whether you intend to be in your next home in Metro DC for two years or twelve years, it is always important to determine resale value. After all, your home is an investment and you wouldn’t want to invest in a property that you would have a hard time selling when the time comes to move on. That would only mean more money and homeowner headache for you down the road!

As your local real estate experts in Washington DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Northern Virginia, The Estridge Group can help you determine the best possible property for your budget and your family’s needs— and one with great resale value! Here are a few ways you can determine a property’s resale value in Washington, DC, Maryland, and beyond:

It’s in a great neighborhood

If the neighborhood is bustling, with proximity to grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, chances are it will have great appeal to future buyers. Is the neighborhood safe? Walkable? Full of young families or parks? Or is it not yet developed and far from amenities like these? These are all important features to take note of when you arrive to view a property in Metro DC.

It’s in a quiet area

The last thing future homebuyers will want is a home near commercial properties, a busy intersection or high-traffic area. You may not mind if the property fits the bill on number of bedrooms, price, and backyard space, but always consider the sound factor. If you don’t, you could pay for it later!

It has great schools

School districts are a major selling point for DC area buyers and always will be! In fact, many buyers are willing to compromise on their home wishlist just for the school district. Regardless if you have children, take stock of the school district boundaries surrounding the property. If your property in question lies just outside of a great school district, you could have a harder time selling it in the future than if you were just a street closer to the more appealing option.

You won’t spend too much on repairs

If you’re going to live in a home for decades, you may not be worried too much about the cost you’ll put into making necessary repairs or updates. However, if this a more short-term move, you’ll want to be sure the home’s systems are in great shape and won’t cost you more than you’ll be able to sell the property for when you’re ready to move again.

Wondering if a property would be a good investment for your family or ready to start searching for DC Metro homes? Give us a call today!